Notation Based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Name of the Service Provider

Sally Inc.


Nomura Building 307, 3-26-17 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Heitaro Hiraishi

Contact Information

Please contact us at For our contact phone number, please inquire via the email address above, and we will disclose it without delay.

Selling Price

The price is displayed on the screen during the purchase process.

Costs Other Than the Selling Price

When using the service, mobile communication fees or packet communication fees to your mobile phone company, or communication fees to your contracted internet service provider will be incurred. These charges are the customer's responsibility, so please contact your mobile phone company or internet service provider directly.

Payment Method and Timing

Payment is made by in-app purchases or by credit card. The payment timing for in-app purchases is upon completion of the billing process. For credit card payments, please contact your credit card company for information on the closing date and payment date.

Time When Digital Items Become Usable

Digital items become available immediately after the completion of the billing or credit card payment process.

Returns and Cancellations

Due to the nature of the service, returns and cancellations are not accepted.

Operating Environment

The required operating environment for using the app is displayed on the app store's description page.